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A Spanish company has broad expertise in the advancement of customised software and particular solutions of artificial intelligence and synthetic vision for a wide variety of sectors. They have the ability to cover the digital change and strategy of companies with their own personnel and method for developing ingenious options according to their client’s needs. They have been establishing ingenious projects in the digital sector for 20 years and they are able to offer specialised service and optimum technologic and tactical solutions. They have actually been licensed by the Spanish Government to provide R&D services so their customers can present these expenses as R&D financial investments, which suggests a decrease in their yearly taxes.

The business has actually created and established software for microscopy image treatment. Utilizing expert system, the software application has the ability to evaluate the morphology and motility of sperm, determining healthy sperm for its quality evaluation. This strategy also enables disposing of inaccurate morphologic patterns.

The software application has the ability to offer various pertinent info such as the overall amount of sperm cells, sperm density, total variety of healthy/ anomalous spermatozoa, motility and progression percentages, etc. All these worths are used for getting the remainder of the information of the sperm analysis.

The software can instantly establish the sperm quality analysis and other bacteria detection without the need of a biology specialist, which provides a better analysis (it is not adversely influenced by visual tiredness) and a decrease of the processing time.

This software application has a wide variety of devices:
– human andrology laboratories and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).
– sperm banks.
– fertility centers.
– hospitals.
– veterinary sector (for the analysis of sperm from a variety of animal types).
– toxicology (adjusted for the analysis of particular compounds).
– research (for histological analysis).

The business is looking for distributors that might be also thinking about establishing commercial alliances for this item circulation.

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