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Forensics business Cellebrite, generally understood for its iPhone hacking capabilities, launched a report of top digital intelligence trends for 2020. One thing that stuck out at me:

… over 70 percent of officers are still asking witnesses and victims to surrender their devices … However, the majority of people do not want to have their main interaction gadget eliminated for an indefinite period. To fight this issue, 67 percent of firm management think that movement innovation is very important or extremely important to the company’s long-lasting digital evidence method and 72 percent of detectives think it is very important to perform in-the-field extractions of this information.

In other words, it sounds to me like LE desires the capability to extract information from gadgets on website, rather of sending it to a laboratory. Quick action is essential for LE, however it may also be too fast for people to believe about those pesky rights they have before handing their phone over.

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