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doTERRA On Guard Protective essential oil blend is well known to benefit immune system health.  It’s also a wonderful natural cleaning option. As a family,  we use the protective blend often!

How I Enjoy Using OnGuard

I like to diffuse this essential oil blend in kitchen as we put away groceries. It’s best to support your immune system after being out shopping around crowds,  touching the shopping cart,  and so on.  

Another time I enjoy diffusing protective blend is overnight in our bedrooms,  especially during the winter season.  This essential oil blend has an aroma that immediately makes me think of fall and winter spices.

Topically is another great way to use On Guard blend.  We like to rub it on our feet at night.  Another use is to rub a drop into your hands after touching something “icky”.

doTERRA On Guard Recipe DIY Room Spray

Here’s a DIY room spray recipe for you! You could make a simple spritz using 5 drops of protective blend,  water,  and a glass bottle.  Shake before using since the oil and water will seperate between uses,  perfectly normal!  doTERRA OnGuard should be diluted for sensitive skin.

Check out my video for the step by step DIY instructions!

The ingredients in doTERRA’s On Guard Blend are pure essential oils.

What does it smell like? It smells like Christmas to me!

doTERRA On Guard Diffuser Blends

And while we’re talking about yummy aromas, how about a few doTERRA On Guard diffuser blends? We diffuse this protective blend every day, so it’s nice to mix it up, and have a few new blend ideas to try. And if you enjoy diffuser blends, check out my post “56 Fall Diffuser Blends To Try Right Now“.

Purify The Air

4 drops Lemon
3 drops On Guard

4 drops On Guard
3 drops Orange
2 drops Cedarwood
1 drop Douglas Fir
1 drop Ginger

doTERRA On Guard Uses

Are you looking for a list of ways to use our On Guard essential oil blend? Here’s a great list from doTERRA!

Non-Toxic And Natural Cleaning

doTERRA On Guard Uses For Immune System

doTERRA On Guard Uses For Kids

Here’s a video of my husband using On Guard for our kids – keeping those little immune systems strong! Since recording this video, doTERRA introduced the kids line. Stronger is an alternative oil to use for kids, that has Rose in it. We find that we use both blends in different ways for immune protection. The kids can put on Stronger all by themselves. And we still diffuse the On Guard for the whole family to benefit from.

Did you enjoy learning about doTERRA OnGuard blend?  Come join us over on Facebook in my free group to learn more! This is where our online natural health community is. And I teach a lot about doTERRA essential oils inside the group.

doTERRA On Guard Testimonials

But don’t just take my word for it! Here’s what our doTERRA wholesale customers and consultants with doTERRA have to say about On Guard Protective essential oil blend.

We diffuse it at daycare once school starts. It keeps everyone healthier.


I have replaced almost all chemicals in my house. My house is full of on guard products as well as the oils and supplements. Thank you doTERRA!


I love the Beadlets. The kids take one going out the door!


A family member had spilled a significant amount of blue paint on the carpet which had dried for about a week. Thinking the carpet was ruined, I suggested they let me try something first. I used a small bowl with half water, half on guard concentrate and scrubbed it with a small rag and kept wringing it out. It took up all the paint.


I diffuse on guard in the kitchen every morning and afternoon, just general support for our immune systems all winter.


OnGuard throat drops. Don’t want to use the other chemical/sugar filled drops.

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