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The EPX Body 700 Club is All About Getting Paid, It’s About Acquiring A Paycheck, It’s about Finally Building True Residual Income, With a Minimal Amount of Effort. Yes, We Sell Detox Tea but This is Much, Much, Bigger, Than The Selling of Tea.

This EPX Body 700 Club, Is about to Change Things, For AnyBody and Everybody, That You Introduce It To. The 700 Club Key To Success, is Simple and That is to Forget About The Product and Get Straight Focused, on NOTHING but the MONEY Available for You, Should You Choose to Really Dive In to This thing and Dive in Deep!

Your Goals to Achieve Within Your First 30 Days…

Week 1:
Reach Out to Your Top Networkers and Focus, Solely on Enrolling a Minimum of 4 Reps Into EPX Body, at The $100 Level. For Each Person You Enroll You at the $100 Level, You will earn a $50 Fast start and then $50 monthly Residual, going forward, starting the Following Month. 4 Reps at $50 each earns You, $200 in Monthly Residual!

Week 2:
Help Your 4 Reps, Each get 4 New Reps of Their Own and Teach Them, to Repeat the Same Process of Week One. When Each of You 4 Reps, Each Get Their 4, (You will have 16 Reps on Level 2 on the $100 Autoship) EPX Body, Will Pay You a $500 Recurring Monthly Residual Bonus, for As Long As You have 4 Reps on Your Second Level, Who each Have 4 Reps of Their Own.

4 Reps on Level 1 and 16 Reps on Level 2 = $700 Per Mo.

You can Repeat This Scenario, Over and Over and Over Again and This is only One of 9 Different Ways we get Paid!

***Very Important Note: We Also have a 3% Company Bonus Pool, that Anyone, Who Acquires 4 Reps Within Their 1st 30 days, Can Take Part in As Long as your 4 Reps Remain Actively on Autoship. If one of your 4 Drops off, You would lose your Spot in the Company Bonus Pool and would not be Allowed to jump back in so it is Wise to Try and Enroll more than 4 Reps Whenever Possible. This 3% Bonus Pool, Paid Out Every Month!