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Facebook Messenger is getting a facelift with an easier, more structured design. Given, we already knew that offered the changes were on the way provided they were announced way back in 2018, but today we got our very first peek at what the end product may look like, thanks to. The big picture: The Discover tab is vanishing, and chatbots are being cut.

The number of times have you actually used the Discover tab? If you resemble me, most likely very little at all; I ‘d honestly all however forgotten it was there. Instead, you now merely have one tab for your chats, and another for People which highlights your contacts’ Stories. I’m not much of a Stories person either, but I think they’re popular or something.

Chatbots, while not completely removed from the app, are being hidden away. It’s a stark contrast from only three years ago, when Facebook promoted chatbots as the future of Messenger. However in the time considering that, they’ve generally supplied bit more than canned responses to the a lot of fundamental queries.

According to the report, chatbots will still be available if you try to find them on purpose, via a company page, a QR code, or simply browsing for a business. You won’t businesses lose much of the ability to promote their chatbots by eliminating the Discover tab.

For a concept of what this will all look like, here’s an image supplied to TechCrunch by social media director Jeff Higgins:

On the one hand, I appreciate the simpler design and paring down of unneeded features; Messenger had quickly turned into one of the most bloated chat apps offered. On the other hand, it’s ending up being progressively hard to distinguish Messenger and WhatsApp, something that will be much more so when end-to-end encryption pertains to basic Messenger talks.

In any case, the brand-new style appears to be presenting now– it’s appearing on a minimum of two TNW employee’s phones; it should not be a lot longer until the easier design shows up on your own gadget.

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