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The Fast and the Furious franchise has changed a lot since it was first introduced. What started as a series about racing for pink slips, has since become a car-based heist franchise with super-spy elements.

Basically, Vin Diesel just had the Fast and the Furious films swallow up the xXx films that he was also a part of. They are tonally one and the same now. Only the word family gets thrown around a lot.

And just a little bit ago we got the first official trailer for the ninth film in the series, or tenth I suppose, if you count the spin-off film Hobbes & Show, which is apparently going to become its own separate yet still connected series.

Probably has something to do with Vin Diesel and the Rock not getting along all too well.

Anyways, you know that we here at Screen Rant have just got to break this trailer down, and see what kind of awesome, car-based action and big reveals the next film has in store for us.

So let’s park the car for a moment, and check out F9: The Fast Saga.

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