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Elitium is an ingenious blockchain-powered platform to assist you delight in the ultimate high-end way of life. The CEO Raoul Milhado, will be sharing more information with us in this interview.

What is Elitium? Could you describe the company in your own words?

Yes, sure.

is FinTech-meets-luxury.

Our focus is on building items to power a shifting economy, connecting the vintage to the brand-new. Digital options that resolve everyday issues related to currency, to fund, and to how people enjoy their lives.

We describe what we’re constructing as ‘a community’– a suite of applications that span digital financial investments and digital high-ends in such a way that we will modify people’s expectations around what currency can do.

Currency has actually moved from gold to paper; paper to an apparently ‘cashless’ society. We see currencies like our own digital currency EUM as the next rational advancement– as the method to make society really cashless– and in doing so, we will open a wealth of chance for all.

Yes, Elitium uses ingenious innovations, however as a business, we stand for a lot more than cryptocurrency or the blockchain.

Elitium is the brand-new age of digital.

What services does Elitium offer?

When we started Elitium in 2017, there was a lot of excitement around blockchain technology, but very few really beneficial products. We wished to become part of the motion to change that.

Our primary goal is to create a decentralized ecosystem of product or services that actually focuses on the individual user, and puts “the high-end lifestyle” at everybody’s fingertips.

Products like a staking program that offers cryptocurrency rewards; a Crypto Card that lets people invest cryptocurrency anway and get incentives like cashback and special occasions, and a marketplace for high-end goods and services that you will not discover anywhere else.

At the heart of our services, however, is an aspiration to deal with an underlying inequality, one that stems from the root of the existing monetary system: an unjust distribution of wealth, worsened by clearly outdated processes that do not fit into the international, digitized landscape the world has actually become– at the end of the day, there are sufficient resources on this world to create abundance for everyone.

Individuals reward aspects like flexibility and self-reliance more than ever. These are the essence of true digital high-end. And this is precisely what our services offer.

Could you explain the technology behind Elitium?

The Elitium innovation is significant, but the brief variation is we’re developing on Ethereum.

Ethereum is a blockchain procedure, which operates as a smart agreement platform and decentralized operating system. The Ethereum software application is meant for the release of large-scale decentralized applications through an autonomous corporation design.

More particularly, Ethereum presents a brand-new blockchain architecture developed to make it possible for vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications, which is precisely what Elitium needs to prosper.

You have just revealed a staking program and a benefits program that have some interesting incentives. Could you inform us more about them?

Definitely. We’re truly pleased with our upgraded , which feels like a real development. I have actually personally never seen any staking platform that’s as user-friendly or user friendly (do not hesitate to point me to another that is!).

You can purchase EUM straight in the dashboard with your charge card or crypto. You can begin staking with just one click and earn up to 6.5% benefits. And you can withdraw your funds whenever you want, also in one click.

The setup follows our directing principle: in whatever we do, we aim to set brand-new quality standards.

The exact same chooses our next item: the Elitium Growth Program.

Currently, the world’s experiencing a crisis like no other. It’s going to have substantial ramifications on a worldwide scale. We’re seeing individuals lose tasks. Incomes and salaries disappearing over night. Likely hundreds– thousands, even– of companies will go bust.

So, we have actually decided to use our native currency, EUM, to produce a new ways of getting benefits that will empower individuals, no matter the scenario they find themselves in, to protect themselves against the potential difficulties to come.

The Elitium Growth Program is an initiative that will let people use periods of enforced inactivity in a productive way.

We’re reserving a pool of 1,000,000 EUM that we will utilize to reward our community for little actions that promote Elitium. You could write a short post about what we do and make a small quantity of EUM in return.

In numerous methods, it’s a ‘learn and earn’ type design that motivates people to use any time in the house proactively: to discover crypto and to get rewards for doing so. By offering this, we hope everyone can come out of the crisis stronger and more educated than they were at the start.

The Development Program dovetails with the staking program, but I have actually said enough in the meantime … let’s move onto your next question Your

coin EUM has been carrying out effectively on CoinMarketCap even during these challenging times. What is your secret?

One thing: our neighborhood.

I think every huge company in the world understands that you need to enjoy your customers and, as a business owner, you have to awaken every morning and ask, “How can I serve my consumers the most today?”

In our case, our consumers are our community. They support us every day. They think in the long-term worth of Elitium, and they are supporting our objective to bring prosperity to all.

We keep everybody updated by posting every day across more than six channels and keep a conversation in continuous movement with our Telegram community.

In my opinion, putting your customers initially is the essential to success.

Elitium is “constructing the future of luxury.” How do you picture the future in the context of the existing international pandemic. Will your company method require to be changed?

No, I don’t think so.

Of all, everyone ought to define high-end for themselves. For me, high-end is eventually about time. Whatever you can think of is here on this planet: and as I said earlier, we have near-limitless resources at our fingertips.

True luxury is things you can’t purchase with cash.

Time. An excellent relationship with your loved ones. And special experiences you will keep in mind for the rest of your life. Now in particular, these things are more crucial than ever.

Of course, I agree that you also have to adjust to your environment. That’s why we developed the Elitium Development Program. And we have several comparable jobs lined up.

Trust me, we’ve hardly even started Besides the just recently revealed initiatives, what elseare you working on? Let me give you a fast introduction. We’ve begun a teaser project for the Elitium Card. This will be a premium-quality, metal card that allows anybody to invest their crypto

anywhere: it could be on supper in your preferred restaurant around the corner or on a coffee somewhere exotic, say, in the Himalayas. Beyond that, we remain in the last stages of developing the Elitium App. This will be a game-changer. It’s the first major milestone for developing real-world use cases and considerable real-world worth.

Through the app, you will have the ability to book all sorts of “cash can’t purchase experiences, “buy exclusive collectibles or demand support from your 24/7 AI-enabled concierge Vera, when scheduling your next holiday. Likewise, we remain in really

innovative conversations with a major exchange and we are just a few steps away from our international present. I can’t say a lot more just yet, all I can share is that we’re moving into numerous emerging markets that our rivals have

never ever even believed about, let alone tried to break into. One last thing I desire to keep a trick for now– rest guaranteed, the world will hear about it quickly

, when it goes live … Could you inform us about yourself? What brought you into the world of blockchain and crypto? Well, I have actually worked in digital marketing and innovation for the last 9 years.

My experience covers numerous countries and countless markets. I have actually tackled all sorts of interesting jobs: web development, internet marketing

, SEO, mobile apps. I was associated with an Ad-Tech service. I have actually likewise developed and helped scale

P2P platforms. Then, in 2016, I moved into luxury yacht charters when I ended up being Handling Partner at. What struck me about this market was– regardless of the money involved– everything felt so outdated. Processes were incredibly inefficient. Through experience, I understood Boatsters

could might the sector to help assist yacht owners and renters occupants take pleasure in much-improved experience. So, we worked to develop this end-to-end yacht chartering solution: a worldwide platform with online reservation, payments, messaging, the lot. And it made a substantial difference, practically over night. My associates and I began considering other things to include– one concept was,’hey, what about crypto?’ We developed a wallet solution that could accept around 55 different cryptocurrencies as payment to charter a private yacht. We were the first to connect the luxury space to cryptocurrency and individuals went wild for it! Given the wallet

‘s success, luxury partners began connecting to inquire about the solution. I understood there was more we might do, so I set about checking out how we might even more integrate the blockchain into our high-end experience. This caused a meeting with: an experienced technologist with years of experience in the blockchain. JP taught me lots about the tech, and about smart agreements in particular. That was the minute the concept for Elitium entered my mind: smart contracts appeared the perfect method to revamp the luxury yacht charter industry. JP continued to collaborate and it became clear there was this huge opportunity to combine technologies and establish a total option that would set a brand-new requirement in luxury– a sector that lags others, technically speaking. We approached whose background in financing, compliance and worldwide organisation would make him the perfect addition to what would ultimately end up being the Elitium Management Team. Foundations laid,

now it was time to construct! If there wereone message you could send out to our readers, what would it be? This is an extreme time for us all. Leaving company to one side, I ‘d like to share a message of hope and positivity more than anything. Everybody is the creator of their own destiny and we can all use the time in quarantine to reflect and end up being more self-aware.

Start by asking yourself 3 concerns: If we each take responsibility and become clear on what we desire, we can go out and get it. As I stated before, eventually, achieving your dreams is about discovering time– time is restricted for everyone, however we have more time today than we

‘ve ever had before. Now is the time to stop waiting on change and to go make modification take place! If there’s any method Elitium can support you with your journey, feel complimentary to send me a message on or. Collectively, we are more powerful than all of this.

It’s time to unify! To discover more about the task, please check out, or sign up with the program. EUMs can bebought with or on, or on().

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