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The Coronavirus has led to an unprecedented lockdown in Spain and indeed around the world. It has been with this backdrop that I have decided to relieve the boredom and try to keep myself and a few other sane with some funny football stories.
These funny football stories of the week have turned into inspirational football stories of the day such has been the interest. It’s quite humbling really but I also realise that others are going stark crazy in their attempts to stay safe indoors so I know I’m not really that funny!
These stories provide weird football facts and are short soccer stories based around football life in the Irish league. The soccer story game is one that I would have been very comfortable with when in the company of friends but not so much via video. They are not so much football stories now but older ones which have stood the test of time. The way things are going they might end up becoming a football stories book.
From football scores to European football news to Telegraph football and Irish News football the footballers life is one that interests many thousands of people. From The Mirror Football to Mail football to Independent football to Guardian football live, whether Arsenal football news, Chelsea football news or Manchester United football news it matters not. We love to consume all things football.
These stories are personal but the best football articles are always real not based on conjecture or lies. Sun football need not apply. The funny football stories this week and going forward are my opportunity to give something back during this pandemic.

Stay safe everyone and remember your health is your wealth.