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I just got back from the pool and wanted to show you guys the check I just received from National Wealth Center. There’s really nothing complicated about getting paid at all. To retrieve your funds, simply log into your National Wealth Center account, click on Commissions, then Withdrawal Funds. From there you can decide how much you would like to withdrawal. Then they send you a check!

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Of course, if you’re not letting National Wealth Center take your payments then you will have your own payment methods setup such as the First Data merchant account. In that case, your money would go directly to your bank account and you wouldn’t need to process a request to retrieve your funds.

As you can see from today’s video, my income continues to grow thanks to the National Wealth Center products and business opportunity. Getting paid while I go on vacation is a blessing and I’m truly grateful for it.

If you’re interested in learning more about NWC or what my team (Team Elite Domination) has to offer, please visit my website for more information at After you’ve watched my presentation there, feel free to reach me with any questions you have using my contact details below.

To OUR Success,

Brandon Frye
National Wealth Center – Team Elite Domination