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Fatehgarh Sahib | History | Sakka Sirhind:

Sahibzada Fateh Singh Ji, Sahibzada Zoravar Singh Ji and Mata Gujri Ji where seperated from Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji at the Sirsa river after the mughals betrayed the Koran and attacked them. The Sahibzadey and Mata Gujri Ji were brought to Kheri by Gangu brahmin. Gangu brahmin was a part-time cook in Guru Gobind Singh’s household.

Gangu’s true intentions were made known when the Guru’s mother went to sleep, he stole her money, which she carried in a saddlebag and buried it. The next day, Gangu came up with a plan to avoid suspicion of the theft. He mentioned to Mata Gujri that there were several thieves prowling about the neighbourhood, and she must be careful with her valuables. Gangu said he was giving her this information so that she should not suspect him of anything. He almost immediately informed her that her saddlebag was missing. As no one had entered the house overnight except for Gangu, Mata Gujri questioned Gangu about the theft.

Gangu pretended to be furious at the suspicion directed against him. Gangu tried to distract Mata Gujri by saying they were taking advantage of his hospitality by accusing him of being a thief when they were the ones that were outlaws. Worried at the turn of events, Gangu decided to turn Mata Gujri and the two young Sahibzadey over to the authorities, almost cetrtainly knowing they would meet their death, thereby hiding his crime.

By saying that he could not trust her and her children, Gangu ordered them to leave his house. The brahmin with loud cries proceeded to the Chaudhri of Kheri and informed him that Guru’s mother and sons had just come to his house and both he and the Chaudhri would obtain a large reward for delivering them to the mughals.

Gurdwara Sri Rath Sahib Saheri is located just outside Kheri, on the main Morinda to Ropar Road, where the Sahibzadey and Mata Gujri Ji were arrested and placed in a Rath, a wooden prison cell on cart wheels.

Gurdwara Sri Kotwali Sahib
Sahibzada Fateh Singh Ji, Sahibzada Zoravar Singh Ji and Mata Gujri Ji were taken to the site of Gurdwara Sri Kotwali Sahib in Morinda city by Jani Khan and Mani Khan, the Rangher headmen. They were kept in a prison cell overnight and then taken to Sirhind (now Fatehgarh Sahib) to face trial and execution.

The Kotwali still exists at Gurdwara Sri Kotwali Sahib. The Gurdwara has been built around the original Kotwali. The Kotwali itself is now used as a room for Akhand Paths.

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