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Realtor Ashley Colgate interviews Pampered Chef Consultant Bev Jackson.
1. Describe your business.
Pampered Chef tools to help you get food on the table while spending time in the things that matter.
2. What made you decide to open this business/non-profit?
When I became a mom, I became aware of certain habits that weren’t the healthiest ie ordering dinner became routine etc. I wanted to correct that but thought that meant spending most of my time in the kitchen. Pampered Chef tools helped me to get more nutritious food on the table, accommodate the special diets food allergies brought to our family and spend time watching their brains develop. I want to share the tools that made it possible for me to not compromise nutrition and time with others.
3. Why did you choose this profession?
It offered me what I cherish most, time with my growing kids so I can be there when it matters.
4. What drives you to do what you do?
Being able to share the moments around the table with each other in this busy go go world is getting even harder. Having the right tools at your disposal to shorten your time away from what matters, to me is worth far more than money.
5. What motivates you?
My kids. I want to be a role model, someone they can say what would mom do and not necessarily what would mom want me to do. I want to be around for them and that is what lead me to change my habits.
6. What has surprised you most about owning your business?
The friends I’ve made. I’ve expanded the people I’d normally initiate conversation with and it’s helped me find some great friends all over this country.
7. What would your customers say they love most about your business?
I’m here to help, not just sell them a kitchen tool.
8. How do you motivate and encourage your clients?
I try to find recipes and tips that helps their situation.
9. What are your business goals this year?

10. What is the best way for people to reach out for your services?
Text or email
11. How long have you lived in Greeley?
12. What is your favorite place to eat here?
With my kids, chick fill a. Parents night out, Texas road House
13. What’s one of your favorite activities in Greeley?
We love getting into activities here from the Poudre learning center to museums. But we really enjoy our weekly visits to the library.
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