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Hello everyone! Love that you have joined me to tune into my channel! So honoured! My name is Queen of Spade. I am an Exhunbot for #ItWorks and #Scentsy who has been #antimlm for a couple years now!! I have decided it is time I share my story, in relation to how these #MLMs can affect people’s mental and emotional health, their manipulation tactics, the training, just everything!! I am here to #SpillTheTea on these companies!! Throw spade at them and try to help #advocate to have them shut down here in #Canada and the #US and also the #UK. We also need to stop them from expanding to other countries!! Please help join my cause by liking and sharing this video, Subscribing to my channel, and participating in this large #antimlm community I am hoping to grow!! Thank you so much for everyone who supports me and who subscribes. You don’t know how much this means to me. Maybe my negative experiences can have a positive outcome in some way. Thank you! Much love!!

Trying to stop anyone out there from becoming a #Bossbabe!!

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This video is a deep dive into ISAGENIX.
Isagenix : Cutting Through The BS #antimlm


Company Website:

Bot Watch Blog:
Isagenix – Cutting Through The Crap

Isagenix- cutting through the crap


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Federal Trades Commission article RE: MLMs:

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FBI Facebook warning against MLMs:

The FBI’s facebook page doing the lord’s work. from antiMLM

Vice Article on How to Get a Friend Out of an MLM:

Vanity Fair Article on The Dream Podcast:

ScaryMommy article about MLMs:

LuLaRoe Is Firing All 167 Of Its Warehouse Employees 5 Days Before Christmas

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Why Women Are Quitting Their Side Hustle: Leaving LuLaRoe *Vice Documentary*:

*Please check out The Dream Podcast, Sounds like MLM but Okay, and Betting on Zero on Netflix for more information, as well as many #antimlm creators here on this platform! Many are shown on my channel page as my fave creators!*

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