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This whole issue has been kept under wraps the past couple days, but today (8/26) the news started to trickle through social media and various news outlets. The FTC has officially frozen all Vemma assets and halted all operations until further notice.

Initially thought to be a “simple auto-ship issue,” it turns out it is a tad more serious. The FTC is effectively charging Vemma as an illegal pyramid scheme; calling them deceptive, misleading, and big fat liars.

What is my reaction? I think the FTC is looking to make an example out of Vemma. After all the good things Vemma has done for the community and for so many people, the government is trouncing everything and siding with the negative Nancy naysayers who probably threaten to sue restaurants when they burn themselves with a cup of coffee between their legs.

I think the FTC is starting a campaign against the MLM industry and taking down Vemma is making a statement. It makes me sad to think my favorite health products may never again be sent to my door, but this is just the type of world we live in nowadays. No one can take responsibility for their actions and must blame everyone else for their mistakes.