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The MyEcon business opportunity is the best online marketing of financial education hands down. The low entry level investment of only $19.95 with the current promotion is unbelievable. At only $34.95 monthly it is full of value. Credit repair, debt elimination, business income and tax deductions along with cash flow management all rolled up into one great opportunity. On top of that you also get investment education to learn how wealth is built and kept from generation to generation.

There are many differnent teams in MyEcon and you want to make sure you’re with the right team for your needs. I’m with the 20/20 Vision Team and we are unique in that we have our own marketing and training app for both your desktop and mobile phone. This app includes capture pages to generate leads instantly on your phone so you can call them back, text them or email them. This app alone is worth hundreds of dollars and it is absolutely free and included with your membership if you join our team. Priceless. The sign up link is below. We want to welcome you to the team!

Thanks, Dwayne

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