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A short video explaining who Forever Living Products are, what they do ….. and most importantly, what could be in this opportunity for you. Presented by the Executive Vice President , Aidan O’Hare.

Forever Living are ‘The Aloe Vera Company’ specialising in health and wellness products. Mike and Lindsey, a husband and wife team, are independent distributors and have been part of the company for over 12 years now. Mike is also one of the Global Fitness Ambassadors and champions the products in the area of triathlon.

Not only do the products help him with his performance and recovery, but the flexible way of working Forever Living allows, means he has more time for training! Lindsey is a Pilates coach and is passionate about helping her clientsboth physically and mentally. Having a range of products that help with energy, gut health, the immune system and the joints is fantastic as well as having lots to offer for healthy skin.

Together they have been given the responsibility by the company for sharing the opportunity with others and are particularly keen to coach and mentor others develop a business of their own who share their passion for health, sport and fitness.

If you’d like to connect with Mike email or Lindsey