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Join Alix Sabatelli Rager of as she interviews David Schmidt, Founder, Inventor, CEO of LifeWave.

X39 Stem Cell Activating Patches are disrupting the regenerative technology field! A new wave of exciting, effective, affordable regenerative options is unfolding!

One of Inc Magazine’s fastest growing privately held companies focused in Cellular Energy, Anti-Aging, Longevity and Regenerative Technologies, LifeWave is head and shoulders ahead of the curve of cutting edge, effective, non-invasive and affordable light therapies in the form of simple non-transdermal patches.

The most exciting to date is the X39, the only stem cell activating and genetic “resetting” photo therapy patch… (more to come in this arena)!

In this interview, we discuss:
The current landscape of the regenerative field.
Degenerative disease causal points & how to reverse, heal and move into regenerative arena.
Foundations for all regenerative modalities, technologies and applications to be most effective.
Drawbacks and limitations of traditional stem cell injection therapies and other regenerative technologies.
Overview story of X39 Stem Cell Activating Patches – David’s inspiration into the regenerative field for ongoing focus of LifeWave, what X39 patches are, what they do, how they work, current and ongoing research..
The future vision of the regenerative field and what this means for us!

There will be shorter snippits of this video available soon. I hope you enjoy!

For a deep dive video on the science of LifeWave’s X39 stem cell activating patch with Alix Sabatelli Rager, go here:

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