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This blog is based on S/4HANA OP1610 release and relevant as well for subsequent releases of S/4HANA.

May be you feel tired to push additional button in Business Partner Relationship to assign company address to a Contact Person. Sometimes it will forgotten and you are not able to see relationship specific company address.

This blog describes a way how to avoid to press this button and assign company address automatically.

First some Background.

With S/4HANA Customer Vendor Integration (CVI) is active and BP transaction is the leading transaction to create/change/display Business Partners, Customers, Vendors. In ECC release Contact Persons are stored in table KNVK and available in process documents related to Customers/Vendors.

To trigger creation of KNVK entry following Point are mandatory:

This prerequisits will trigger CVI and creates KNVK entry.

Important is to assign company address in relationship creation. This will create a relationship specific address entry which address number you will find in KNVK as well.

Starting Point – Standard way

The point where this change becomes active is the event PBO (Process Before Output) at Relationship screen where this button placed. We will create our own PBO function module based on the standard Function Module and do our enhancement.

Screen behaviour after enhancement

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