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I have the fortune to be part of Rachel Hollis’s Business Coaching. This month we learned about how to Sell on Social. This presentation shares how you could use your Tupperware Business on 4 different platforms: Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. You will find, like in almost every training, the key is to pick 1 platform that you are really wanting to explore and show up Every Day!
My Challenge to you after you watch this presentation is: Pick one Platform, Facebook or Instagram, and post a picture of how you use Tupperware in your life that DOES NOT have a price tag! Use the #30daysofTupperware and feel free to tag me or your Business Leader too! Let us know how this helped your business…for many it increased interactions! I cannot wait to hear how it helps yours! Comment with #30daysofTupperware and the day that you are starting your 30 day challenge!