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Learn how Contractors are adding hundreds of thousands of
dollars in profit per year and stock options by simply referring Solar to
your clients.

Recent legislation now requires solar panels on all new homes in the entire State of California & other states will soon be following suit. Plus ADU’s are on the rise, & all detached units are required to go solar in California. This is creating a once in a generation opportunity for contracting professionals to cash in on the transition to solar and renewable energy.

No experience is required. All that you have to do is refer your clients to one of our trained experts on the platform and split the net revenue creating a multiple six-figure cash flow to your existing contracting business. If desired you can eventually close your own deals to earn even higher commissions.

You can help our clients save money on utility bills, lock in long term savings, increase the
value of their home and do the right thing for the environment while adding another stream of
revenue to your bottom line. The sky’s the limit; whether you are a small local company or a
national provider this can be the exponential growth your company is looking for.

The relationships that you build with your clients creates a unique level of trust allowing you to
present the solar value proposition and provide solar as a viable option to every savvy
homeowner. No one knows your customers home better than you. So why should you let this
revenue slip away and watch others earn tens of millions of dollars in this industry.

You have a unique market advantage by being the first person to help them with their project and it is time to capitalize on it. We are planning to launch the next phase of our operations in your market and looking for the right individuals to join us and completely disrupt the industry.

You would essentially be owning your own solar company without the inherent capital risk; our
hope is to have a $1 billion IPO that can be life changing for top performers. We are selecting
the top contracting companies to launch our pilot program now in Florida, California, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico.

I look forward to working with you,
Stephen Ray

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