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Our Fall Collection is here and it is Drop.Dead.GORGEOUS!! As most of you know, this is always my favorite collection of the year, because Fall is my favorite Season, and this collection just builds all the excitement for the outfits I can’t wait to pull together with these new jewels! I hope you guys enjoy! xo

Giverny Statement Necklace –
Black Chantilly Lace Cuff –
Addison Cuff –
Colette Necklace –
Jolie Sparkle Necklace –
Marcell Collar Necklace –
Reese Sparkle Necklace –
Celine Wrap Bracelets –
Tassel Bag Charm –
Brio Tassel Necklace –
Genevieve Tassel Necklace –
Luna Pendant –
Double Horn Necklace –
Eternity Necklace –
Garland Necklace –
Hazel Statement Necklace –
Hazel Ring –
Relic Ring –
Gilded Path Bracelet-
Silver Drape Ear Jackets –
Illuminate Cuff –

Sophie Earrings –
Seine Threaders –
Hammered Wired Silver Hoops –
Spear Stone Pendant –
Camille Cuff –
Etoile Chandeliers –
Leopard Scarf –

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