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I created this Sunrider review video to answer a few questions about the business opportunity. Are the Sunrider scam rumors true? Is there any validity to the Sunrider complaints? Is the Sunrider MLM legit?

Before we get into all of that, I want to share with you my free bootcamp training:

So this video is different from all the other Sunrider reviews. I am not a rep for the company, and so I am not trying to get you to join the business. I also have nothing bad to say about the Sunrider business. This is a completely unbiased Sunrider review and I have nothing to gain if you decide it’s a good fit for you.

I am going to be talking mainly about the business opportunity. If you want more details on the Sunrider products, you can find them at their official website:

So what’s up with the Sunrider scam rumors?

There is a reason that these rumors exist. In the past, there have been illegal pyramid schemes operating under the illusion of legit MLM. When they got caught, they were shut down but they also received a lot of bad publicity.

Many people were unable to tell the difference between a pyramid and network marketing, so they just assumed the worst about all home business opportunities. This is where many of the Sunrider scam rumors start.

But there is a fundamental difference between network marketing and an illegal pyramid. When you join a pyramid, nothing exchanges hands except for money. There are no real products or services sold. You will be paying for a spot in a pyramid organization. That’s it. This makes that type of “business” unsustainable and illegal.

But a real network marketing business like the Sunrider MLM is not that different from a traditional business. There are real products sold that consumers will buy over and over again, whether or not there is a business attached to the products.

The main difference is the marketing method used, which poses a very cool opportunity for regular people like you and me to start a very profitable business from the comfort of our own homes.

So is the Sunrider MLM legit?

Absolutely! This is a good company backed by solid leadership and many people are seeing great success with this company.

So in the video, I did not talk much about the Sunrider compensation plan. You can get all those details in this Sunrider presentation:

In addition to the Sunrider compensation plan, you may be interested in watching this presentation as well:

You can also get some more details about the Sunrider products at this video:

I mentioned before that this video differs from other Sunrider reviews… that’s because I want to share with you how to really succeed with the Sunrider MLM.

So I wanted to use this Sunrider review to give you my 3 steps to becoming a top earner in ANY network marketing company.

If I were you, I would choose to use the internet to build the business, rather than prospecting my family and friends. I personally use internet marketing to build my own direct sales business and if you follow what I teach, you could get very similar results to mine.

It really comes down 3 steps:
1. Build an email list
2. Build trust with that list
3. Sell your products

Many people shy away from online marketing because they feel like they don’t have the necessary techie skills.

But if you are plugged into the right training and resources, you don’t need to be a computer wizard.

That’s why I encourage you to go through my free bootcamp training. It will minimize the learning curve so that you can start getting into profit quickly.

So before you dive into the Sunrider MLM, I would love for you to go through my free bootcamp training. The link is above this in this description.

So I hope that this Sunrider review served to answer all of your questions. If there is anything I left out, feel free to leave your questions in the comments down below.