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3 Tips to building a bigger and more dialed in network marketing downline.

Tip #1 Be Better
– Make yourself more attractive to people
– Be kind
– Listen to people
– Take time out for community events
– Care for the well being of others and celebrate their wins

Tip #2 Stop the Negativity and Hate
– Avoid depressant foods, alcohol, and excessive sugar intake
– Stop spreading negativity and disdain for people, situations, and politics. (I know that sometimes this is tough to do)
– get your finances in order. This will really help a negative mindset
– Try to take a positive lesson from seemingly negative outcomes to situations
– Start a meditation practice to start your day.

Tip #3 Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle
– Drop the junk food, excessive carbs, and cut down on meat intake.
– try a cleanse to see how it makes you feel
– Get on a balanced diet
– try to maintain moderate exercise daily
– Again, start a meditation routine in the mornings

These 3 tips are all so very important in anything that you do in life. But in order to grow and network marketing team or downline, you must be able to attract the people that you desire to have in your business.

We must keep in mind that every person that comes onto your team is essentially a new partner. Do you want to attract people with a negative disposition and an unhealthy appetite for self destruction? I doubt that is what you are looking to attract.

Every positive action that you take will increase your vibration, and in turn will attract those that a running on the same frequency.

Am I starting to make any sense here?

I can’t wait to get more of these videos out and continue to grow this channel so that I can see the changes that we all make in the coming year and decade starting in 2020.

2020 is the year of attraction marketing, vibrational change, the awakening of our souls. People are starting to really realize that network marketing is their chance to breakaway from the 9 to 5 grind.

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