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Southwestern Advantage Online includes 6 websites and 4 apps that cover all required subjects, all grade levels preschool to college prep, all in one place. A learn-to-read app, help with today’s math, thousands of step-by-step tutorial videos, comprehension practice, even life and leadership lessons are included. Multiple students on multiple devices? No problem! We’ve been helping with education since 1855 and take pride in providing educators, parents, and students with world-class learning resources.

What’s included by age group:

Skwids (Preschool to Grade 2): Augmented Reality learning using our Skwids app and our Ask Me books; hundreds of early learning videos, quizzes, activities, and games; MOVE MUNCH & MAKE videos that feature kid-friendly exercise, healthy food kids can make, and fun craft projects

HOMER (Ages 2-8): The award-winning learn-to-read program with customized learning paths powered by your child’s interests

Advantage4Kids (Grades 2-6): Expert help for today’s math & reading, including games, videos, quizzes, and over 100 National Geographic Kids eBooks + comprehension quizzes

Advantage4Teens (Grades 6-12): Over 4,000 step-by-step instructional videos, quizzes, and comprehensive practice for all required subjects

Adv4Life(Grades 6-12): Expert advice on life and leadership skills for tweens and teens

Advantage4Parents: An expert, education-based resource that inspires and supports parents as they help their kids–from toddlers through teenagers–reach their maximum potential

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