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Vemma FTC Shut Down & Scam Investigation
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This company is under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission starting today – nothing official on their websites or social media corporately but just look up big leaders in Vemma (will screenshot an example in the comments)

Looks like Vemma is sadly one of dozens of network marketing companies that has come under attack, and now they are under investigation – some reps have reported they are unable to access their back office.

IF you or a distributor are in a position where your company closes their doors on you, be sure to watch ALL of this video where I give 3 tips on how to build a solid business from the ground up with continuity in place.

If you’re not in Vemma but just wondering what the fuss is about just check the video out anyway – the article I reference is here:

Also worth checking out Vemma​’s Wikipedia page too:

It’s now also hit national news:

This video will benefit you MASSIVELY, especially if Vemma is cleared of FTC claims and investigations…then you can start building a business with a solid foundation.

Note: I am not a Vemma rep, but just wanting to support those who are as there will be countless distributors in other companies pitching you guys no doubt.

Please share this with other Vemma reps too who may be affected.

I hope that something can be resolved as I don’t want to see reps out of business overnight with NO warning. Our industry can do better than that. Perhaps the DSA will step in…but either way you need to protect YOU and YOUR BRAND!

and I’ll show you how, for free 🙂

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