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We lose digestive enzymes as we age and when we cook foods

Important to supplement with Enzymes which contain minerals. Minerals serve as required cofactors for many different types of enzymes
Essanté Organics contains an ionic mineral blend

The oatmeal test

Some inferior brands which don’t even contain minerals pass but this is easy. There are natural amount of minerals in the oatmeal.

Unless your a raw vegan or eating raw fruits or vegetables with each meal you need ionic minerals to help break down animal protein

Order on an ingredient label

Xylanase, amylase vs Protease. Protease is the first and highest quantity in Essanté Organics Daily Digest.
Chemical digestion could not take place without the help of digestive enzymes

Protease breaks down proteins into amino acids.

50,000 vs, 13,000-25,000

Too Low to break down proteins. This undigested animal protein clogs your immune system and contributes to disease